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PalmBe-ach (Working title)
(PSION Palmtop - BeOS LINK)



This was my first great BeOS project. I have to document this because I can't remember all of the things I have done in this program. To give other people the chance to use the information, I've decided to share this information with you through this webpage.

I started the documentation in German, because I want to do the programming, not the documentation writing. The RFSV-protocol was translated from other people. I had to change some things in the translation. If there is anyone who wants to help, feel free to do the translation and send the files to me.

Table of Contents

  1. Prolog
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Program description
  4. Program status
  5. Protocol Description
    1. Network Control Protocol
    2. Link Protocol
    3. Remote File Service Protocol
  6. Download
  7. Epilog


BeOS Version Download Version
BeOS R4.5 PalmBeach_151200_ppc.zip 64.94 KB
This Version runs on BeOS R4 and is not very stable!
0.30 alpha
BeOS R4 PalmBeach_151200_x86.zip 183 KB
This Version runs on BeOS R4 and is not very stable!
0.30 alpha
BeOS R4.5 PalmBeach_151200_src.zip 128.82 KB
The documentation of this source code is partly in German.
0.30 alpha
BeOS R5 PsionBitmapTranslator
A Traslator, whcih converst the *.PIC-Files of the PSION


I hope that this information can be used by many people, and I hope I havn't done this work for nothing. Feel free to e-mail me if you can use this information.

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Many thanks to David Corn for correcting my English
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