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I've been developing for the BeOS since May 1998. Here you can download all of the programs I've written for the BeOS. Be patient; some programs are still in alpha, and you may have some problems while using them.

There is a longer description available for each program shown below. To get to this information, click on the icon to the left of the short program description.

Program Description Download
The 3C509 Driver controls the 3Com Ethercard III (ISA) allowing you to connect to a network with this card.
TimeCop is a program that lets you see how long your computer has been up and running BeOS. You can see up to 8 statistics of your computer's uptime.
PalmBeach is a program to connect your PSION palmtop to the BeOS. You can walk through your PSION files just like files on your hard drive.


I learned everything I know about computers on a ATARI system. I've written several programs that you can download on my ATARI page. Some programs come with the source code so you can learn about the program by reading the source code.

Michael Piepers homepage

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